Sunday, 21. July, 03:07

At present, EXPO CENTER a.s., Trenčín is the third larges subject in organising exhibitions in Slovakia according to the most important factors (size of the area sold, number of exhibitors, total exhibition area, yearly turnover). EXPO CENTER a.s., Trenčín organises more than 20 fairs and exhibitions yearly. 

The total size of the company is 35,000 m2, whereas the total exhibition area is 17,000 m2, including 7,000 m2 of indoor exhibition area and 10,000 m2 of outdoor exhibition area. A safeguarded car park and also boarding and restaurant services are available in the area of the company for both visitors and exhibitors.

The exhibition area in Trenčín can be found in the Northeastern outskirts of the town, surrounded by the Brezina forest park.

Genesis of company is coupled with the most oldest exhibition,  which has been held here since 1963 – the Trenčín mesto módy (TMM – Trenčín – the Town of Fashion) exhibition of fashion and clothing. This exhibition was held for the first time under the name The Exhibition of Textile and Clothing Industries of Trenčín in the works club of Merina, Trenčín. Since 1970, VHJ Slovakotex, Trenčín has taken over sponsorship for the exhibition.

In 1991, VHJ Slovakotex was transformed into a stock company, whereas a division for organising exhibitions was one of divisions of the stock company.

Since 1992, this division had been existing as a stock company and its official name was Výstavisko TMM, a.s., Trenčín.

Since December 13, 2007 gave a new name EXPO CENTER a.s., Trenčín.

Calendar of exhibitions   19. July - 06. August